Meet Harry of Old Ringers

John N. Frank is returning to the 2nd Act Players stage for the first time since 2016 as he takes on the role of Harry in Old Ringers. “Harry and I are a lot alike, which is making this role so much fun for me,” says Frank, who is a cofounder of the 2nd Act Players. “We’re both old, but we both still try to enjoy life whenever we can.”

John N. Frank

Read what else Frank has to say about Harry.

1. What is your character’s most memorable characteristic?
His zest for life. He’s been through a lot of tragedy in his life and now just wants to enjoy what time he has left on this earth. Diane brings him joy and the companionship he thought he might not have in his senior years. He’s happy with and supports her, even when it comes to trying phone sex to make some money.

2. What are you drawing on in your own life to play this character?
Harry mentions he’s had a marriage annulled, which means he’s gone through the Catholic annulment process. I too went through that and know how gut-wrenching and emotionally debilitating it can be. But like me, he picked himself up and went on and now has found joy he never expected he’d know again, something else we have in common.

3. Will audiences leave the show loving or hating your character and why?
Hopefully they’ll love him, although some of his more outrageous scenes may seem over-the-top to some. Just keep in mind it’s all being done in good fun and to make everyone laugh with Harry, not at him.

Old Ringers will be performed Nov. 2-17, Saturday nights at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m. at the Logan Hall Theater at Northminster Presbyterian Church, 2515 Central Park Avenue, Evanston. For tickets, click here.

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  1. Hysterical! So impressed with your second act . Sorry I haven’t been able to see many of these shows. I’ll definitely try to make it to this one… the underwear is an incentive🤣

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