Who Will You Meet at Grandma’s House? Meet Sal

Sal, like so many men of his generation, went off to fight in World War II and came backed changed forever because of the horrors he saw. Also like his peers, he keeps those horrors bottled up inside, trying to spare his wife and family what he had seen and experienced.

But a crisis that surfaces on New Year’s Eve will bring it all back for Sal in this fall’s production of New Year’s Eve at Grandma’s House by the 2nd Act Players.

Ryan Hall plays Sal.

Sal is married to Faye, one of the Smaldone sisters who grew up in the house where our play takes place on New Year’s Eve 1960 and New Year’s Eve 1961. Faye and Sal have known each other since their teenage years in the neighborhood and remain hopelessly in love despite the challenges they must face in trying to raise a son in their tough urban neighborhood.

Ryan Hall, a 2nd Act Players’ veteran actor, is back on the 2nd Act stage at Northminster Presbyterian Church to portray Sal. The Sal character is based on a real-life person who was the father of a character Ryan played last fall in the 2nd Act Player’s production of Moving Boxes. So he’s taking on the challenge of playing two men in the same family but of different generations.

Come see Ryan and the rest of the cast in New Year’s Eve at grandma’s House, Nov. 3-18. Saturday shows start at 7, Sundays at 3. For tickets, click here.

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