Who Will You Meet at Grandma’s House? Meet Sonny

Sonny (Phil Troyk) is one of two Smaldone brothers. He has endured much discrimination and taunting because of his Italian roots and now wants desperately to fit into the American landscape. New Year’s Eve at Grandma’s House traces Sonny’s journey, and the perils he faces in his quest for the American dream.

Sonny is very much a momma’s boy and the one she watches over most closely. He returns the affection by visiting every day.

Phil Troyk

A “big lug” in the slang of the day, Sonny was a tough  kid who achieved some local fame in annual Golden Gloves boxing tournaments that took place in New York in the years when he was growing up. He trades on that fame in his current job as  a customs inspector on Brooklyn’s tough waterfront. Despite his toughness, though, Sonny did not fight in World War II, a point of tension between him and brother-in-law Sal who did.

Sonny met Stella at Roseland, a dance club in New York City, and fell instantly in love with her despite her not being Italian. He knows his family will never accept Stella but tries to ignore their verbal jabs at her– all the while trying to prove how Italian he is by shunning other non-Italians.

Come see Sonny’s story in New Year’s Eve At Grandma’s House, with shows Nov. 3-18, Saturday evenings at 7, Sundays at 3. Simply click here for tickets.

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