Top 5 Reasons to enter the #MeTooPlayFestival

Have you written a short (10-20 pages) play script that deals with issues relevant to the #MeToo movement? Are you planning to? Theater should look at social issues of its day, which is why the 2nd Act Players has picked the #MeToo theme for its third annual new script competition. Here are the top 5 reasons to enter today:

  1. You have a better chance of winning. The 2nd Act Players is the best-kept theater secret on the North Shore, which means we don’t get as many entries as many script competitions do — which gives you a better chance of having your script selected as one fo the six we’ll have staged readings for in May!!!
  2. You’ll get noticed. The mission of the 2nd Act Players is to showcase new talent, both actors and playwrights. A staged reading at our theater in Evanston gives you a chance to invite people to hear your work on stage.
  3. It could be the first big step of the rest of your writing career. One of the short scripts we performed in 2017 went on to be produced in New York (off-Broadway). Who knows where your play could go next?
  4. It’s FREE!!!You know how many places, websites, etc., offer playwrights so-called opportunities — if they will pay and pay. We charge nothing to enter and nothing for us to produce the staged reading. We want to showcase new works, that’s what 2nd Act Players is all about!!!
  5. You’ll get people talking, and thinking — 2nd Act Players plays start discussions on issues which impact people’s lives. Have an impact, enter today. Simply click here to go to our entry page.

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