3 reasons to get reacquainted with the 2nd Act Players

We have a message for all the people out there who have seen a 2nd Act Players’ show in the past but haven’t been back for  awhile — we miss you, it’s time to come home. Really, really it is.

Ok. will you only hear this if we do it in webspeak? Here goes — here are 3 reasons to get reacquainted with the 2nd Act Players.

  1. We are so much better — really, with every show, we improve and we continue to find new actors with more experience to wow you at each new show.
  2. You can see two plays for the price of one — we’re doing a one-act play festival from March 11-26. What does that mean, a different play every night? No, it means we’re doing two plays — one 30 minutes long, the other an hour or so (I don’t know the exact length because they banned me from their rehearsals) — each night. So you buy one ticket and see both shows; with intermission, the evening will last about two hours.
  3. We’re not doing a John Frank play this time — if you’ve already seen the story of John’s life and don’t want to see it again, take heart. The two shows this time around are by other playwrights, playwrights who won the 2nd Act Players’ one-act script competition in 2016. So there won’t be any Jesuits or references to New York. These plays deal with love — the love of a dying mother for her daughters and them for her, and the love two couples are trying to either find or hold onto.

So there you have it, you can even get a sneak peek by watching the video here. Now what are you waiting for? The One-Act Play Festival will take place at Northminster Church, Evanston. For tickets, simply click here or on the show poster to the right.

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