Meet the Men of The Institute — Frankie Johnson

Frankie Johnson has been an outsider all his young life and that remains true at The Institute. Come see Matthew J. Lloyd portray Frankie in the 2nd Act Players’ fall production of The Institute, coming fo Age during the Vietnam War, opening Oct. 21.

Matthew J. Lloyd plays Frankie in The Institute.
Matthew J. Lloyd plays Frankie in The Institute.

Frankie has no family history at the school, unlike many of his classmates. He also comes from a poor family from Brooklyn, far from the large suburban homes many of his classmates know and take for granted. He has spent his childhood as the smartest child in a ghetto school, meaning he has been the subject of taunts and beatings from the time he was 10 years old.

Even as he starts The Institute, local gang leaders in his neighborhood resent him trying to better himself. So he starts school with a chip on his shoulder and much to prove.

He’s determined to show he belongs and so embraces the military program at the school. No challenge is too tough for him to face and he backs down to no classmate in his quest to better himself and, in the process, represent his family’s hopes and dreams for him and for themselves.

This is a very special play about a very special place, buy your tickets today and see why. Tickets for The Institute, with performances weekends from Oct. 21 through Nov. 13 are available by simply clicking this link.

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