Meet key characters from The Institute — Fr. Greavy

Fr. Greavy is the prefect of discipline in the 2nd act Players’ fall show, The Institute. The Institute is an all-boys, Catholic, military high school on the edge of New York’s Greenwich Village Fr. Greavy’s job is to maintain discipline and so ride herd on more than 1,000 young, male students as our play opens in the fall of 1967.

John N. Frank
John N. Frank

He also must balance demands from the administration in which he serves and from parents who are all too eager to give him advice.

A traditionalist, he sees the world coming unglued around him and fears for what the outcome will be. Order and discipline give his world structure, but that structure is slowly being stripped away by forces beyond his control.

John N. Frank, author of The Institute, will be portraying Fr. Greavy, as well as Institute student Patrick Brennan. Watch for a video here in which Frank will be discussing his character.

The Fr. Greavy character is based on the prefect of discipline at the high school Frank attended in the 1960s and which inspired the play.

Tickets for The Institute, which will be running weekends from Oct. 21 through Nov. 13 are available by simply clicking this link.

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