2nd Act Players nominated for Evanston Mayor’s Awards for the Arts

The 2nd Act Players, only four years after producing their first play in Evanston, have been nominated for the Mayor’s Awards for the Arts this year.evanston-arts-council

“We’re thrilled with the nomination, especially as this is our first year in our new theater home here in Evanston at the Northminster Presbyterian Church,” says 2nd act Players co-founder John N. Frank.

“We’ve been Evanston’s best-kept theater secret the past few years, but hopefully this nomination will encourage more of our fellow Evanstonians to come see our plays,” says Frank, who is also the artistic director.

The 2nd Act Players are currently in rehearsals for their fall show, The Institute, Coming of Age during the Vietnam War, which opens Oct. 21 and runs weekends through Nov. 13. To purchase tickets, simply click this link.

Other Evanston arts organizations nominated this year are: Evanston Children’s Choir, Mudlark Theater, Evanston Symphony Orchestra  and Foster Dance. Individuals nominated are: Gary Geiger, Indira Johnson, Harvey Pranian, Mike O’Mara, Julie Cowan

  1. […] as shown by coverage we’ve gotten in the local media, positive reviews of our shows and our nomination for a Mayor’s Art Award in our Evanston […]



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