Guest speakers announced for 2nd Act ’60s Soiree

The 2nd Act Players has put together an amazing panel for its Sept. 10 look-back to the 1960s and the Vietnam War era. Join us at Creative Coworking on Davis Street in downtown Evanston for this great event. In addition to the panel, there will be a silent auction with fabulous prizes like a one-night stay at the Orrington Hilton, coffee from Starbucks, special treats for your dog, a chance to work with a professional organizer and many, many more.theinstitute_image-ad_3-01 (1)

The speakers will set the scene for our fall productions, The Institute, coming fo age during the Vietnam War. They’ll relate their personal experiences during those turbulent times to those who were not around or may not remember them.

Panelists are:

Michael Gaylord James, a veteran of the Chicago Democratic Convention of 1968 and leader of SDS during those turbulent times. Michael went on to open The Heartland Cafe in Chicago and has done photography, film, publishing and other pursuits.

Patrick Walsh, a Marine veteran, he served in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968 in the company commanded by President Johnson’s son-in-law, which got him some unexpected attention on the front page of the Chicago Tribune. After returning home, he joined Vietnam Veterans Against the War. He also is Jesuit-educated, as are the main characters in our play.

Jeffrey T. Brierton, Ph.D., an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at Concordia University here in Chicago. Jeffrey was protesting the war during his high school days but later joined the army reserve and served for many years. His dissertation looked at Vietnam and the Homefront in Waukegan.

Join us Saturday night, Sept. 10, it’s sure to be an event everyone will be talking about.


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