Enter the 2nd Act Players’ one-act script competition

The 2nd Act Players is launching a one-act script competition to give aspiring playwrights a way to see their works performed. Click here for all the details and enter today. Two winning scripts will be performed by the 2nd Act Players in early 2017.

“A script competition fits perfectly with our mission to showcase emerging talent,” says 2nd Act co-founder John N. Frank, himself a playwright who has seen the 2nd Act Players perform three of his plays.contest_logo_2

Entries should touch on 2nd acts in people’s lives — key turning points or moments of decision or crisis that impact characters’ lives. They also should lend themselves to audience discussions after performances, a hallmark of 2nd Act Player performances to date.

The 2nd Act Players invited divorce support groups to see its 2015 performances of Boys in the Basement, a look at divorce from the male perspective. In 2014, it reached out to heart attack survivors to talk about living with heart disease after performing Talking with My Dad, a play that looked at the impact of heart disease on an American family.

Scripts should be 50 pages or less and cast size is limited to six or less. Read the other rules on our contest page and enter today. Two winners will be selected and produced by the 2nd Act Players. The entry deadline is May 1.


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