This is it! Opening night for Boys in the Basement!!!!!

Boys in the Basement, an original two-act play looking at the pain of divorce and the hope for true love from a male perspective, opens tonight at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center at 7:30 p.m. If you don’t have your tickets yet, buy them today by clicking here. And remember the 2nd Act Players will present only six performances of Boys, so get your tickets today before they’re all gone.

It's opening night for Boys in the Basement. See you at the show!
It’s opening night for Boys in the Basement. See you at the show!

Tonight culminates 11 months of work that began in January when author John N. Frank began writing Boys in the Basement based on his own painful divorce in 1993.

The play was workshopped in early summer after which Frank rewrote and added to more fully develop the characters and the stories in the play.

A director was hired and a second workshop held in late summer, followed by auditions for several roles and rehearsals beginning in September.

“This has been quite a journey for us,” says Frank. “Most of our original 2nd Act Players have left our acting troupe, so this was a year to reinvigorate our acting pool and find new talent to tell our story.”

Come and see how they do just that. Doors open at 7, the play is in two acts with a 15-minute intermission between acts. Total running time should be roughly and hour and 45 minutes.





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