Who is the Player in Boys in the Basement?

Player is at the center of the dysfunctional men's club that is at the heart of the Boys in the Basement. Watch actor Peter Nerad, who will be portraying Player, talk about his character. Is Player a misogynist? Is Nerad? Watch his interview to find out. Click here to watch his interview now: Peter Nerad talks ...


Whiz Kid — you’ll be rooting for him in Boys in the Basement

Bryan Jansyn will be playing Whiz Kid, a computer programming nerd and all-around shy guy, in this November's 2nd Act Players' production of Boys in the Basement. Whiz Kid is hopelessly smitten with Chrissy, but doesn't know how to approach her. Come see him get some bad advice on that from the other Boys in the ...


Who is Lawyer in Boys in the Basement?

A man who substitutes sex for love, that's Lawyer, according to actor and playwright John N. Frank who will be playing lawyer in the 2nd Act Players' November performances of Boys in the Basement. Watch John discuss how he's drawing on his "wondering in the desert years" to craft his Lawyer character. John Frank on ...


Who is Chrissy in Boys in the Basement?

Just the dumb blond? No way, no how. Chrissy is a character the audience will relate to in Boys in the Basement, says Bailey Lawrence, who will be playing the role in the November performances of Boys in the Basement. Watch Bailey discuss what she will be drawing on from her own life, including experiences with a Boys ...


Who is the Landlord in Boys in the Basement?

Who is the landlord? On the surface, he runs the apartment building where Boys in the Basement takes place. But below that what makes this character tick? Watch Chris Johnson talk about his character in this exclusive video: Chris Johnson on the Landlord Will you love him, will you hate him? Chris has some other ...


Building Boys in the Basement

Boys in the Basement is the most ambitious production yet for the infant 2nd Act Players. When you come to a performance in November, you will see a staircase built for the play, along with a laundry folding table strong enough for people to sit on, a bookcase and other stage dressing to transport you into ...


Three weeks until Boys in the Basement opens, but tickets now!

"Past 2nd Act Players shows have had sellout nights, so we're expecting big crowds for this year's performance as well," says 2nd Act cofounder John N. Frank.

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