Vietnam Vet Exhibits Photos at Saturday Show of The Institute

U.S. Army veteran Anthony Stetina will be exhibiting a selection of his Vietnam photos at this weekend’s closing performances of The Institute, Coming of Age during the Vietnam War.

An example of Tonys photos.
An example of Tony’s photos.

“We’re very excited that Tony agreed to show his work at our shows, we were so impressed by them when we first saw them at a veterans’ event this spring,” says 2nd Act Players co-founder John N. Frank

Stetina served in the U.S. Army’s 3rd Battalion, 18th Artillery Regiment, attached to the 1st Calvary. The photos on display were originally taken in 1967 while he was serving in South Vietnam.

“The Battalion served in Vietnam from 1965 until 1971, and earned several unit citations and commendations for its action in Chu Lai and Quang Ngai provinces, as well as during the TET Offensive in 1968 and the counteroffensive in 1969,” according to the regimental website.

Stetina’s work joins a video of Vietnam era news clips assembled for the 2nd Act Players by Josef Steiff, a professor and associate chair of Cinema Art and Science at Columbia College, Chicago, on display for viewing as audience members enter the 2nd Act Players theater at Northminster Church, Evanston. 

“We want to immerse our audience members, especially those who are too young to remember the Vietnam era, in those times so they can understand the larger context in which the play takes place,” explains Frank.

Veterans will be admitted to the show free on Saturday, Nov. 12. Other guests can buy tickets for Saturday night, or for shows Friday evening or Sunday afternoon at our ticket site by clicking here.

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