The 2nd Act Players will be holding auditions on Saturday, August 12, 9 to 5 (callbacks Saturday, August 19 if needed), for our November production of the world premiere of Moving Mother To Chicago. Register here to audition. The roles include:

Faye: Woman in her late 60s to late 70s, a tough New York broad forced to move to Chicago because of failing health.

Frankie: Faye’s son, early 40s, trying to care for his mother while living his own life as well.

Sarah: late 30s, early 40s, Frankie’s girlfriend

Julia: Frankie’s high-school-aged daughter, 14-ish. Has never spent much time with her grandmother before the play begins.

Dr. Smith: Can be male or female, 50s-60s. Faye’s Evanston-based doctor, trying to get her to come to gripes with her health issues.

Jim: late 60s/early 70s: Faye’s new boyfriend, trying to get her to see the joy in life instead of the pain.


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