Audition Sign-Up — Old Ringers

The 2nd Act Players will be holding auditions on Saturday, July 20, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., for our November production of Joe Simonelli’s Old Ringers. Register here to audition. The roles we will be auditioning for are:

50-65. Female. Retired mother of Amanda. Imaginative, Crafty, Leader of the pack. She is a risk-taker and very comfortable with sexual-side. Any race or ethnicity.

65+. Female. Bad hip from replacement. Former smoker. Wise elder of the group. At the sunset of her life. Any race or ethnicity.

45-60. Female. Trampy and loose. Tries to look younger than she is by dressing provocatively. A light hearted jokester. Any race or ethnicity.

45-65 Female. Sweet and Naïve. Spacey and reserved. She has a hidden wild and sexual side. Any race or ethnicity.

25-35. Female. Daughter of Diane. Hyper-righteous and judgmental of others. Sticks to her guns and up for a challenge. Competitive and domineering. Any race of ethnicity.