2nd Act Players Video Vault views top 1,000 in first 8 days

Entertainment-starved Americans are flocking to the 2nd Act Players’ Video Vault where they can watch clips from past 2nd Act Players productions. Clips in the vault, which also are available on the 2nd Act Players’ Facebook page and YouTube channel, have been viewed by more than 1,000 since the first one was posted on Facebook eight days ago.

“I’m really glad people are enjoying these, it’s made all the time we invested in learning video editing and file-format conversion software well worth it,” says 2nd Act Players’ Co-founder John N. Frank.

Available now are scenes from New Year’s Eve at Grandma’s House and Moving Boxes, two plays written by 2nd Act Players’ board members. “We’ve started with shows we own the rights to so we could get this up and running as quickly as possible,” explains Frank. “But we’re also reaching out to the writers of other plays we’ve done to secure their permission to share our past productions of their plays as well.”

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