Meet #MeToo Play Festival Actor Eric Deutz

The 2nd Act Players #MeToo Play Festival will star six amazing actors, each of whom will be playing a variety of roles in our six short plays. Today, read about Eric Duetz and then click here to buy your tickets for the festival.

Eric Deutz

1. What prompted you to become an actor?

It started with the national tour of Billy Elliott that I saw my sophomore year of high school, and it continues every time I see any live show or film that makes me look at the world and the people in it in a new way. Telling stories is one of the best methods we have of learning about each other and fostering empathy. And the more of that we do, the better this world will be. It’s the most important cause in the world to me.

2. How are you preparing for the challenge of playing multiple characters in multiple plays during our staged readings?

A former professor of mine once told me on the challenge of playing different characters: “Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.” So for me, it’s all about figuring out which side of myself each of these characters identifies with. I make them each live in a different place in my mind and body, and that helps to make it feel more natural when I’m switching from one to the next.

3. What feelings/thoughts have the scripts for the festival left with you?

Stunned, and very optimistic. Stunned because, as a straight man, the immensity of the #MeToo movement came as a surprise. Not that I wasn’t aware sexual harassment and abuse was happening, but I certainly underestimated just how far it reached, and it still shocks me every time I’m faced with this reality that so many people have to live with every single day simply because of their gender-appearance. Optimistic, because we’re fighting back, and people aren’t scared in the same way that they used to be.

4. What’s your favorite warm-up exercise to prepare for a show?

I always like walking through my track in fast-forward just before a show – that way, when I step on for the real performance, it feels easier because I’ve already done it once that day! For staged readings, I’ll still go through my lines and choices in fast-forward just beforehand. And I love my tongue-twisters!

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