The buzz is building for The Institute

The Institute, coming of age during the Vietnam War doesn’t open until Oct. 21, but already the buzz is building among people who have seen the script and are familiar with the story of four young men who attend a Catholic, military school during the height of the Vietnam War.theinstitute_5-01

The story is based on playwright John N. Frank’s own years at just such a school in Manhattan. Early ticket sales have been overwhelmingly to classmates and others who attended the school with him because they know the drama, pathos and poignant moments that the play will portray. Several who can’t make the performances in person have asked to read the script, and their remarks are telling — telling you why you should buy tickets to see The Institute.

“I was there for the ’67-’71 scenes and you really got it right! The ending was powerful and you captured what was and remains a special place for so many of us,” says one classmate.

Of one of the show’s major subplots (we don’t want to give away exactly what here), he says it “was more powerful and real than you know, very well done! Thank you for bringing a place still very special to me to life.”

This is a very special play about a very special place, buy your tickets today and see why. Tickets for The Institute, with performances weekends from Oct. 21 through Nov. 13 are available by simply clicking this link.


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