Come see Mark Newton Sunday in Remembrance

Mark Newton will be taking on the role of General Seneca Paris today, Sunday, in the final performance of a limited run for ArLynn Leiber Presser’s Remembrance. The show will begin at 3:30 at the Noes Cultural Arts center, Evanston. Tickets are still available, simply click here to buy yours.

Mark Newton
Mark Newton

Todd Parkhurst, who has starred as Seneca, will be filing the role of Hermes, replacing Jonathan Vaughn who is recovering from an untimely accident. Cast, crew and production teams wish Jonathan a speedy recovery.

Marks’ favorite role to date has been playing the policeman in Mary Poppins, but he notes that Seneca Paris is becoming his new favorite. “He is torn between his life as a general and what it could have been with Georgia,” Newton says of Paris.

Come see him perform today, the final show of the play’s current run. Remembrance has been playing to sell-out and near-sell-out crowds this weekend, buy your ticket now by clicking here.

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