Top 5 reasons to buy your Remembrance tickets today!

ArLynn Leiber Presser’s Remembrance opens for a limited three-show run in Evanston this Friday and there’s still time for you to get tickets for one of the shows. But act fast, the 70-seat theater at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center is sure to sell out quickly.REmembrance

Here are the Top 5 reasons to come see the show, even if you saw an earlier incarnation of it in Winnetka last April:

5. The weather will be great for theater-going. Forget the recent cold-spell Chicago has endured, it’s going to warm up this weekend, reaching into the 40s Saturday. So shake off your cabin fever by coming to see a show Friday night at 7:30, Saturday night at 7:30 or Sunday at 3:30. Buy your ticket by clicking here.

4. The theater is a wonderfully intimate space. You will immediately be able to connect with the actors in Remembrance thanks to the small black box theater in which our performances will take place. Buy your ticket by clicking here.

3. It’s January, what else is there to do? Winters are long in Chicago, getting out to the show can be the best way to get through it all. Come to a warm theater with friends, see a great show and then discuss it over a late dinner.  Buy your ticket by clicking here.

2. The cast is immense and features new up-and-coming stars. Most plays these days have one or two characters. This show has more than a dozen, with many new faces in the cast since it was last performed. Come and see the stars of tomorrow today. Buy your ticket by clicking here.

1. There are new surprises and a new ending. Even if you’ve seen Remembrance before, you haven’t seen this show. The script has new characters and a new ending since its April showing in Winnetka.  Buy your ticket by clicking here.

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