Come see Todd Parkhurst in Remembrance

Todd Parkhurst must have acting in his blood. He calls acting his avocation for “the past 60 years.” He hasn’t been playing the role of Seneca Paris in ArLynn Leiber Presser’s Remembrance quite that long, but he did originate the role and has played it many time since.Tod Parkhurst

That of course makes Seneca his favorite role. “It was written for me and has been rewritten for me. It includes indirect reference to events in my life,” he explains.

The show, running Jan. 29-31 at the Noyes Cultural Arts center in Evanston, also has “indirect reference to events in the lives of other actors in the cast,” he hints.

Todd will be portraying Seneca at the Friday and Saturday evening performances of Remembrance and, when he is all done, he asks only of the audience that it “remember” Seneca.

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