Talking with My Dad: Meet Janice

Janice and I first met at an Actors Training Center class in Wilmette and have been friends ever since. I always enjoy watching her perform, such as in her turn as the cop in a female Odd Couple. So we were very excited when she agreed to play the female lead in our story.

Come see Janice as Alice, buy your tickets now by clicking here. Her official bio:

Janice head shot

Janice Hurley will be playing the role of Alice. Many years ago, Janice went from struggling actress to starving actress, so she decided to leave it all behind and use her vast talent for acting in the corporate world. Recently, she felt something was missing and decided to challenge herself by diving back into the world of theater with both eyes open and her feet planted firmly on the ground. After many auditions and a few call-backs,

Janice’s first production was with Women’s Theatre Alliance New Play Development Workshop in June of 2013. This was followed by The Odd Couple: Female Version (Mickey the Cop) with The James Downing Theatre and Romeo & Juliet: 10 Years Later (Lady Montague) staged reading at the Greenhouse Theatre. These experiences confirmed she was definitely back where she belonged. Thanks to all “my sisters & brothers” for their continued support and love which gives her the strength to keep movin’ on.

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