Our Director’s Tribute to her Father

The first time we met Molly Mattaini, director of “Talking with My Dad,” we were impressed by her creativity, energy, drive and sense of self That all helped our decision to hire her for our exciting theatrical production.

Reading her tribute to her father simply confirmed our first impressions. Her discussion of her father’s influences on her and his encouragement of her creativity are truly inspirational, and should be read about, and emulated, by father’s everywhere.

Molly Mattaini, director
Molly Mattaini, director

Simply click here to read Molly’s thoughts on her dad. And then click a second link, one to our crowd funding site which allows you to become a patron of our show while honoring your own father with a tribute on this site. We are in the final two weeks of our crowd-funding campaign, so don’t delay. Contribute today so we can contact you for the tribute you would like to see displayed here.


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