How Will We Transport You to 1960?

New Year’s Eve at Grandma’s House will take you back to Dec. 31, 1960. That was the year the United States elected an Irish-Catholic president, the precursor of a decade filled with change and upheaval for the country and the world.

How will we make you feel that you’re in that time and place? Hopefully with our words but also with our staging of Grandma’s House. We are so fortunate to have a sponsor, Swantiques, an Evanston antiques store that offers a wonderful array of mid-century furniture and memorabilia.  

Momma's chair
Momma’s chair

Much of the furniture you will see on stage, along with other items in the house, is being supplied by Swantiques for our performances. Chief among those items is momma’s chair, the throne-like seat from which she presides over the Smaldone family.

Also on-stage that night will be items from cast members family homes, items that date back to that era. Included in these will be side cabinets that were in the actual Smaldone home that inspired this play. When you hear poppa spoken of, know that these were pieces of furniture poppa actually made.

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