Here’s a sneak peek of “Falling into Macy”

The one-act play Falling into Macy looks at two couples, one falling out of  love, the other never quite falling into love.

And circulating between them is Macy. Who, or what is Macy? Is she love, cupid, Eros or another incarnation of the bond between two people? Or is she just male lust and desire? Or something else entirely?

Come to the 2nd Act Players One-Act Play Festival March 11-26 and you decide. For tickets, click here or on our show poster to the right.

Here’s the opening scene of Falling into Macy featuring Morgan Dixon as Macy, John Miraglia as Joseph and Colleen Mooney as Catherine.

The play begins with Catherine packing for yet another business trip while Joseph tries to recall….well, why don’t you watch and see what he’s doing…and what Macy is telling them both…

  1. […] help them both. Who, or what, is Macy? Come to the show to figure it out for yourself. Here’s a sneak peek of that […]



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