Top 5 Ways to Show your Love for 2nd Act Players (and not spend anything!)

We like to say the 2nd Act Players are the best-kept secret on the North Shore theater scene. We’ve been around for five years but a lot of people haven’t heard of us yet. Well, we don’t actually like to say that and we’re doing more than ever this year to get out the word about us and our One-Act Play Festival March 11-26.

Support the 2nd Act Players today!

Support the 2nd Act Players today!

We do love all of you who have come to our shows the past five years and also supported us with contributions, charity auction purchases and donations. And you’ll be happy to know we have new ways you can support us this year that won’t cost you a dime but will bring funds into our meager coffers.

So here are the Top 5 Ways to Support the 2nd Act Players (without spending a dime):

  1. Shop on Amazon…but do it through our site. We’re an Amazon affiliate now, which means when you shop Amazon by clicking through from our site, we get some money. So all you online shopaholics, now you have a reason to shop for a great cause! Click on the Amazon logo on the right of this page.
  2. Get a Target credit card…you don’t have to use it, just apply, we get several dollars every time someone applies through the link on our site! Scroll down the right-hand column to find the Target logo.
  3. Set up a Target gift registry…you figured out by now we’re a Target affiliate too! Set up a gift registry for a bride or someone going off to college and we get some bucks too. Look for the logo on the right.
  4. Snore. We have a new app available on our site that measures how much you snore and talks about things you can do for it too! It’s free and we get some money every time someone downloads it by clicking through on our site. Try it on your spouse (I have) and watch the fun ensue when you play back the recorded snoring! Or just try it on yourself to answer that eternal question…do I snore? Scroll down on the right for the link.
  5. Come see us perform free previews of our One-Act Play Festival plays Sunday, Feb. 19, at the main branch of the Evanston library. Register (free) today. We won’t make any money from this, but we live for the applause so come, please, pretty please.

And you can support us with money too, it’s always welcome and keeps the lights on, simply buy tickets for the Festival March 11-26 by clicking here and make donations by clicking on the donate button on the right.

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